Drinks on a date?

by Paul Smith

While dating many people think what to do for drinks, whether to go on a coffee date or for a drink. The choice is up to you whether you want to make an ass of your self while sober or because you got drunk.

Going out for a drink on a date gives you time to get to know one another in an interesting setting — if you’ve chosen well. But the mood can change drastically from your local coffee shop to a bar. People drinking non-alcoholic beverages look and act differently. They’re there for a certain mood or experience while those looking to slurp spirits are in a different frame of mind. When you think of a coffee shop, what images come to mind? When you think of a bar, what people frequent them? Drinking on a date is an important choice to make as it says something about who you are and what you’re about so you should take that into consideration when you’re looking to make an impression.

You should not drink too much that you lose control or make yourself look bad. If you notice you have some issues with moderation, it’s best to stay away from something that will hurt your chances with your date. The same goes for coffee.

Best piece of advice is that everything is good in moderation, and playing it safe, at least on a first date, is always your best move.

At last remember all you can do when deciding what you should be drinking on a date is keep you and your date in mind. After all first impression is last impression so present yourself in a very simple and sober way.

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