First Date Advice for Women

by Paul Smith

For a woman the most concerned thing is her safety on first date. Of course you don’t want take any risk. The chances are that the guy you are meeting is genuine and once all reasonable precautions have been taken, try not to be too worried. However, if at any time during your date, you become concerned, make your excuses and leave. Trust your instincts.

The next big problem for most women is what to wear. The most important thing is to feel appropriately dressed in something that is both flattering and comfortable. However, beautiful they may be, if those amazing shoes are half a size too small, and you are forever re-adjusting your top, you are not going to feel relaxed and gorgeous and will not have a wonderful time however great your date!

Be confident because Confidence is a dead-cert for attracting attention, as is a winning smile. Men will always choose the biggest smile rather than the smallest dress size when rating attractiveness. Having done all the initial preparation, you then need to spot your date! When you have only seen photos, it can be difficult to immediately identify someone. It’s a good idea for you both to give some idea of how to spot each other.

If you are meeting in a bar, restaurant or anywhere else where you may feel uncomfortable waiting alone, arrange with your date for him to arrive a few minutes early so that you do not feel awkward. Make sure you have each other’s mobile phone numbers or the number where you are meeting so you can at least let each other know if you are held up.

At the end of your date do not forget to say thank you – it’s only polite after all. Let him know whether or not you’d like to see him again. However, don’t feel obliged to go on another date just to avoid hurting his feelings. If you really aren’t interested it will just be a waste of your and his time. Be polite but clear and he will accept your answer.

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