How Can a Women Initiate Relationships

by Paul Smith

When it comes to initiating relationships, there are only men who ask women go out or for dating. There are women out there waiting for men to ask, but what if the day never comes? When a woman really loves to be with someone and want to go on a date so should they ask men go out? Here is something for women who want to initiate relation.

Be Confident All women may not feel comfortable asking men out. it depends on how assertive and how much self-esteem a woman has. After all, rejection goes with the territory. But when you are confident, there is no concept of rejection. So when a man says “no,” a self assured woman may see it as two people not wanting the same thing.

Make the First Move Women should pay attention to how they approach men. You should be direct with a softness that says you are interested yet tactful. If a woman met a guy at a party and told him she enjoyed talking with him, it is seen more as a compliment than a come-on line.

Role Reversal in Dating That was a different era when man initiating interest. If you parent teens today, some changes are obvious. Some boys receive more calls from girls than they make them. As more men are becoming stay at home husbands today while their counterparts are bringing home the bacon.

A man can still be a gentleman or feel like he is the man by opening up his date’s car door or even offering to pick up the tab. Most men have no problem with women making the first move.

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