How to be a good girlfriend

by Paul Smith

Many relationship turns into break ups just because the lack of understanding. Girls mostly get fails to impress their boyfriend. So here some tips for those girls.

You just need to be honest so tell him you’re either shy or a quiet person and he’ll understand. Do not lie with him. Don’t give him any wrong information about you so that you can make your conversation interesting.

Be flirtatious with him still. A lot of guys like the feel of the hunt (dating scene) and may miss it after while in a relationship.

Don’t talk too much. Try to keep conversations to no more than an hour at first unless the guy is whole-heartedly interested in continuing talking.

Present yourself, as a down to earth person never appears as a high-maintenance girlfriend.

Let him feel your still there. Small talk can turn into silence very quickly you are telling him that you loved a date when he took you to a certain place.

Remember to tell him you love him or like him. Make sure you mean it too. Don’t just say it because you think it is the right thing to say when it isn’t.

In every conversation you make sure to be flirty and always on your happy side. Never be angry when talking to your boyfriend.

Never talk about bad situations between the two of you, you never know, one day he could love you the next he may hate your guts.

In last just be yourself, be relax he is your boyfriend after all.

Don’t forget to remind him that how much you love him and care him and he means a lot to you.

Be careful while talking let him speak too.

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