How to Cast a Love Spell with Astrology

by Max Blackstone

Many people believe that the stars have answers for relationship questions. But love astrology is even more powerful than that. In fact, love horoscopes are just the beginning because there’s a secret way to influence your love life, if you know how to read between the lines.

Here’s what this is all about: A carefully analyzed love horoscope can be used to create an extremely intoxicating and potent “Astrology Love Guide”. This kind of guide tells you how to practically force a love interest to fall for you! It also shows you how to boost your natural chemistry and compatibility with this potential partner. And once you armed yourself with precise and powerful knowledge of love astrology, you’re ready to act and change your love life instantly.

You might think: “But, how does it work?”

Here’s a bit of history: ancient astrologers were the first ones who created “Astrology Love Guides”. They used it as their secret weapon casting love spells to win the heart of potential lovers. They used their astrological knowledge and techniques in ways that most conventional astrologers don’t know:

It all started more than 5000 years ago, when the first astrologers found out that astrological traits are the psychological building blocks for how a person thinks, feels, sees and reacts to the world. They examined and determined that Pisces are mostly emotionally charged, an Aries loves a challenge, a Taurus loves beauty, etc and so on. (I know that this is over-simplifying it a bit. And of course it is more complex, given the distinctive combinations of an individual’s Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus signs. But you get the essence.)

So what, how does that help me?

Ask yourself this: What if you knew the unique combination of a person’s astrological traits and you could decode this person’s behavior? What if you knew what the person desires and is attracted to? How can this knowledge be used in romance?

Here’s why these insights, knowledge and suggestions of an “Astrology Love Guide” are your secret weapon: It’s your personal and accurate “Instruction Manual for Love”.

Here’s how it works: It’s almost like a cracking a safe and that’s the exciting part! Think about it like this: How powerful would it be if you knew the unique combination of your lover’s astrological personality traits and you decode how attraction and love works for this person?

It would mean that you know what your potential mate finds attractive and craves for and you can amplify and strengthen your own natural attributes and behaviors to be the “perfect match”!

Now, if you discover and apply the knowledge of an Astrology Love Guide, your potential partner will feel that you’re irresistible. Using the wisdom of an astrology love guide means you bypass all the romantic guesswork. You create and intensify your love chemistry on purpose. It’s almost like you’re casting a love spell on that person …

Since ancient times, Astrology Love Guides have been successfully used as a “Secret Weapons”. Their proven power has been instrumental for Cleopatra, the influential ruler of ancient Egypt. Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony felt magically in love with Cleopatra who was for seducing the world’s most powerful men.

An Astrology Love Guide will tell you what your lover really wants and how you’ll provide it. It teaches you how your love interest behaves and what you can say and do to appeal to him/her. With astrology as your secret weapon, you can actually amplify your natural chemistry with anyone.

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