How to date a physically disabled girl

by Paul Smith

If your girlfriend or the girl you are interested in is physically disabled, you might be unsure what to do. Here is some help for you people.

First of all you need to treat her like a normal girl she has the same romantic dreams every other girl in the world has. She also wants to fall in love Just because she is physically disabled, that does nothing to affect her hopes and dreams.

Show your care and attentions to her so if you don’t know what is wrong, or what her condition is, ask her whenever you both are alone. By now, she’s answered all the questions millions of times and has the routine down pat. Don’t worry that she’ll get too emotional, because she probably won’t.

Remember physical disability does not mean that she is a stupid girl or she is not intelligent. Her physical condition is not going to affect her mind so don’t treat her like she is stupid. She’s probably very intelligent. And don’t underestimate this girl either! You might be surprised.

She knows how to handle her so don’t be overprotective. She doesn’t need you to watch every step she takes, and she doesn’t need your help with everything. Her family is probably protective enough and you just need to observer her.

If your friends and family want to know about why she is the way she is, tell them when she isn’t around so she doesn’t get bombarded with questions.

Realize that half the time, she doesn’t even think about what she can and can’t do, so don’t worry about it and don’t try to make things ‘easier’ on her; she likes a challenge too.

Don’t feel sorry for her at any time because whatever she’s gone through has probably made her stronger. Don’t be afraid that you will “hurt” her, if you do. She’ll tell you or you’ll see the look of pain in her face.

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