How to End a Date

by Paul Smith

The point how to start a date is important; we should remember that the last few moments of a date can make the biggest impression because it will be the future of the relationship. Try to end it gracefully and with respect, even if you don’t wish to pursue another date. The following are useful to end a date.

Let them know if you have enjoyed their company. If they enjoyed your company or they tell you that they did, then it is an appropriate time to mention another date.

Be clear about your feelings. Don’t tell your date you like those more than you do just to avoid their feelings getting hurt.

If you are not having a good time at all, be truthful but kind and tell them you don’t think you’re an ideal match, but you have had a lovely evening.

If the date is going really badly then it is better to end it early, then you could always make an excuse that you have an urgency to go somewhere, your date will probably know it is not true, but they will get the message.

If you aren’t confident about giving your date a kiss or feel it is too bold a move for your date, then you could always give them a warm handshake.

If you get to know that you both are less interested in each other, keep things relaxed and casual. Let it be a friendly meeting. Don’t need to show your disinterest.

If you are a man, it’s your responsibility that your date will get home safely. For example, make sure they get into a taxi or their own car safely, but check that they are comfortable with you doing so.

It is best to end a date at a proper time otherwise it could drag on and you run the risk of it becoming self-conscious. So keep your timing short.

If you have no intention of calling your date in the future, don’t let them believe that you will. It is better to end a date final than leave them hanging on waiting for you to contact them. It is unfair to falsely keep their hopes up.

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