How To Flirt With Your Text Messages

by Tyler Tray

Flirting through text messaging isn’t much more different than flirting in real life… It’s just easier.


When it comes to text messaging, women seem to have it pretty easy. Why? Well, for two reasons: First, it is because men do most of the approaching, and the other is the fact that women are more experienced because they send 100 times more text messages than men.

On the other hand, when it comes to sending flirty text messages, women seem to mess up on the same subject time and time again. It mainly has to do with sending boring one-liners that have no real pull to respond back. I am sure a lot of men have run into this problem before – you will send her a message such as, “Hey whats up?” “How did that biking trip go for you?” and then she will send something like “It was good.” Now, if the woman is trying to move on and not get involved with this guy, then she’s doing awesome. But if she’s interested in the guy, she is ruining her chances with each boring text message response. She’s as if putting up a sign stating, “if you want to have fun move on to some other girl. I AM BORING.” A good response has a little attractive chase or at least has some line to respond back to. For instance, a woman could write back, “ya I loved it, but I am not used to wearing those biker short… they are so tight on me.” With a message like this, the guy will be day-dreaming about you, become more attracted to you and is an idiot not to respond back. But most importantly, it has a flirty tone to it.


As mentioned before, the roles and principles in texting are the same as communicating in real life. It’s just a simplified and easier system. The only problem a man runs into is not being able to see the result from their text messages. After years of coaching men on how to be successful with women, time and time again, I have seen inexperienced men produce the same poor results and not even realize what’s happening.

Here’s what I mean. A man will almost always go into default mode when they get a text message from an attractive woman. What happens is they end up sending normal day-to-day messages like they are writing to a friend. For example, “messages like, how was your day?” “I am at school, and I wish it was over” or “What are you doing?” will burn away any of the attraction that was created. It’s boring and it has no feeling to it and ultimately it destroys a lot of the success you can have with women.

If you were to take anything from this article, it’s this: send messages that create a feeling. Let’s take those last messages above and make them more emotionally charged, “hey you, I got something to show you, are you free?” “hey, I am in class right now, but this teacher totally reminds of you except she has a cuter hair cut :)” the results you get from messages like this are worth more than you can imagine.

We all watch movies because they make us feel something, and women especially, are not involved in anything unless their emotions are in it. You will have more and more of the women you desire when you start figuring how to implement these tips into your text messages.

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