How to Get Your Crush to Be Your Friend

by Paul Smith

In your college do you have a crush on someone and really want him to be your friend but you don’t know how to get closer to him or her. Follow these steps to turn a crush into a friendship.

Tell your trusted friends that you like this person. (Only if you know you can really trust them.) They may be able to help you later. Try to get into a conversation with your crush. Try asking them for help on something, even if you don’t need it, as long as it’s believable. You can always offer help on something he/she seems to be struggling on, just don’t be a know-it-all. Try to sit next to them. It’ll be a lot easier for him or her to talk to you, plus teachers love to make you edit essays; discuss things, etc.

Ask them about the homework in the hallways. You get him or her to notice you, plus a conversation might follow. Lend them pencils, paper, whatever, to seem like a nice person. Just don’t go overboard.

If your friend happens to sit next to them and you’re not far away, strike up a conversation with your friend about something your crush really interested in.

Wear something unique that could easily be a fascinating conversation topic. Make friends with his or her friends but don’t just use them. It’s probably easier to talk to them, and they might invite you to hang with them.

Read up on some body language tricks. Make sure yours is open, inviting, and you may want to show some “subconscious” indications that you like him or her. Flirting is your new best friend. Now that you’re talking to him/her, do a little harmless flirting.

They are just a person, and if he or she doesn’t show interest, move on. No person is worth that much effort. If they already have a date, just keep being their friend until they break up, and then make a move on them. Be sure that he is ready for another relationship.

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