How to Impress Your Date

by Paul Smith

The most awaited day of life has come. You enjoyed your date a lot but have you been able to impress your lady. Yes it is difficult for some people. Here’s how to impress a date without looking overzealous, pompous, or awkward. Anyone can do it, provided you have confidence in yourself.

Do not forget to gift her flowers. Girls love to receive them. If you want to get her something small instead, buy a candle or a picture frame.

Ask about her. Don’t ask any personal questions. Make her feel good about her career, hobbies, interests, and opinions. Listen attentively, as well. Do not pry into personal matters, and do not tell about private matters in your life.

Compliment her. Tell her she looks lovely, smells good, is intelligent, have a beautiful house – anything that will make her smile. It counts.

Talk about your interests and talk about her interests as well, and try to focus on mutual interests, since both of you will be able to contribute. Who knows? She may like the things you like and know a lot more about it than you thought they would.

If you have one of those silent moments, just drop in a quote from a famous person to make her laugh or ask her what she thinks about it.

If you really want to impress your date, do not take them to a bar on a first date. They may not be Comfortable with it, and may not hold alcohol very well. You may have the same problem. Try a coffee shop; it affords you both a chance to talk and get to know each other a little better.

Do not speed when driving with your date. They will not be impressed and don’t make some relatively early physical contacts, reach for their hand, hair, perhaps the neck but within reason, or back.

It is generally a good idea to get to know your date’s parents a bit if possible and try to make a decent impression.

At last you must remember who you are, and remember who you are trying to impress. Do not try to be someone else, because your fraudulence will shine through.

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