How to Make Women Laugh

by Paul Smith

You must have heard that women loves to laugh and they truly admire people with sense of humor. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a joker all the time but creating humor in your conversation you can attract them to you. Men mostly find themselves failed bring a smile to a lady’s face. There are some simple steps on how to make women laugh.

If you are taking help of jokes then be careful with the choice of jokes. It all wraps up on the kind of jokes that you intend to share with her.

Try to avoid being the next Charlie Chaplin. Slapstick routines do not work so does not even try to imitate good old Charlie. Slapsticks will just make you look and behave like an idiot, which is definitely a turn off for most girls.

If you are really into dirty jokes, try to avoid sharing these jokes with her too. Keeping things clean during the conversation is definitely advisable. There might be a few exceptions, but most girls abhor these dirty jokes.

It is important to note her body language while conversing with her. She might get a tiny bit uncomfortable with your jokes, and when you see this, try to take a step back and get serious. It is definitely good to know the things that she loves and likes. Do not ever make fun of the things that are special to her.

Whenever you are before them wear a smile at all times. It will create a pleasant mood and will just perk up the entire night. By doing so, your lady will see you as a happy and cheerful person, which is definitely a good start to make all other girls trailing behind you.

Women would not want to hang out with a serious or grumpy person so avoid being so. When you are able to make a woman laugh, it just means that you are on a good track. By laughing together; you are actually creating many good memories that will definitely linger on. She might even ask you out for a second date!

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