How to meet your date’s parents

by Ada Denis

Have you found your true love? It’s time you bring them over to meet your parents. Introducing your boyfriend to your family can be one of the most stressful events ever. You love him but will your parents? It always seems like parents have such high standards for their kids that are impossible to achieve. You want the initial introduction to be absolutely perfect.

First make sure your boyfriend is prepared to meet your parents is sometimes helpful. You want him to feel comfortable but not too casual either. Have him dress somewhat in between. If it’s summertime you might want to arrange for a nice barbeque for everyone to get acquainted.

You don’t need to explain much about your boyfriend, if your parents are normally on their best behavior. Let your parents know before he meets them. Prepping your boyfriend in the car as what to say and what not to say is very important. All of our parents have certain things that make them go off the deep end. A few topics anybody meeting parents for the first time should avoid are sex, politics, religion, and money.

These are sensitive topics that most of us have strong opinions on. Safe topics to discuss are your boyfriend’s job, sports, movies and hobbies.

Being friendly is okay but don’t go overboard. So ask your boyfriend not to do so. Fathers especially do not like when people pour it on thick or overdue friendliness.

Don’t panic. Try and relax as much as you can. You can explain some of the above mentioned things to your boyfriend but don’t make him paranoid. You want to both be on your best behavior but at the same time let your parents get to know your new love.

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