If you are dating younger men

by Paul Smith

It may not be acceptable for many women to date younger men whilst some women find it okay. Initially they may be hesitant to accept the advances of a much younger man there are many advantages to this type of relationship and you shouldn’t say no simple because of his age.

For older women, younger men can often be more physically attractive. As men reach middle-aged comfort they sometimes stop taking care of themselves, both physically and mentally whereas women are often conditioned to take good care of them. The elements that can make an older man attractive to a younger woman, such as social status and financial independence, are often of less priority to an older woman and therefore less of a consideration than an active mind and body.

Numbers also play a big part here too. There are simply more single younger men about. Often it’s simply easier to meet younger men!

It’s said that men can sometimes become quite unadventurous, as they get older whereas with women the reverse is often true. As a woman matures she often becomes more confident and accepting of herself and therefore more ready to try new things. Older women tend to be much more independent, forgiving and have more realistic expectations from a relationship which can be very attractive to a younger man.

An older woman dating younger men can have a fantastic lifestyle, be made to feel younger, even more confident and have more fun than with a much older partner and it’s certainly a lifestyle that can be recommended if you think that they are the right one for you.

You will probably find that, at some points in the relationship at least, you are at different stages in your life. As an older woman you may feel you have already been there and done that when your younger partner wants to try something. A younger partner may want children, this may not be impossible, but may need careful consideration, especially if you already have existing children. It’s certainly something that should be discussed when the relationship reaches a suitably serious stage.

As an older woman you may be quite settled and established both financially and career wise but you may have to accept that your younger partner is not.

At last you should follow your heart .Any relationship must be considered on its relative merits and if you meet someone, have a good time together and choose to spend time together then age or other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter.

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