Keep Your Love Alive

by Paul Smith

As times go on you find that now you don’t have such passion and romance in your love life. You can keep your love alive with the help of following advices.

You should not share negative feelings unless there is a specific constructive purpose to it. Nothing positive will ever come out of any of it, save a fleeting feeling of satisfaction from spitting it all out;

Your priority must be your partner, especially when you are unable to treat your partner as such. In other words, at times when it isn’t possible to treat your lover as a priority due to extenuating circumstances, at least take a few moments to share the situation with them, and reaffirm your feelings.

Never let the sun go down without resolving anger or doing a daily mental check-up. Put yourself in your lover’s shoes and see how you would feel receiving what you gave to them (good or bad) each day;

Try to avoid doing something, which your lover has, serious, justifiable objections to, nip it before it is perceived as a habit. If a situation calls for a compromise and you’re willing to make it, do it sooner than later. Wait too long and you risk your lover hitting the ‘too little too late’ stage;

You must your passion alive. Remember it was the two of you who made it happen in the first place, without outside help; therefore the two of you can keep it going forever. That special magic is one of the few things, which are completely under your control. When you talk to your partner, really listen. They need to know that of all the billions of people out there you are the one who is most interested in what they have to say. I’m not talking faking here. Always care and nurture each other and the relationship regularly.

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