Keep your romance alive

by Paul Smith

Today we are living in a busy world. We rarely get chance to meet our loved one. Couples can find that spending time together may be the biggest challenge of their relationship. Here are some tips; So that you can keep your love alive.

First of all you should understand issue for couples who can’t seem to find time to be together is whether the problem is short-term or permanent. If you’re both constantly working long hours, that may be a larger issue. You will need to make immediate changes in your shift or finding a new job in order to improve your situation.

When you find yourself unable to spend the time together you have to be that much more diligent to show your partner that he or she is still on your mind. Send cards to them at work, or write an email throughout the day to let your partner know he or she is on your mind.

When you are not spending time together, you can try this, record your thoughts from the day as a message to your partner. Have your partner do the same.

When you’ve run into a busy time you need to focus on nurturing your relationship first. Let friends and family know that you’re trying to keep all your free time for phone calls, emails to keep you close to your partner.

Do not forget to connect with your beloved whenever you get time or chance. In your busy moments, even a short 15-30 minute meeting will help you to get closer. Take a lunch break with your partner at the park, meet them for a quick hug and kiss at home, or even take time out to talk on the phone. Don’t let a busy schedule ruin your relationship. When you’re with your partner, focus your attention on him or her. Don’t talk about work issues or other non-important life events.

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