Make him Propose

If you want him say the words “Will you marry me”, waiting is not the right thing to do. Men are like women. They will always look for indications that will tell them that you are ready and that they are going to get a yes. However, men are also like women in a sense that they like to make sure that what they are doing is the right thing. They want to make sure they would not be disappointed in marrying a person. Because of this, if a woman wants to marry a man, she should do these things to send him some signals.

Learn how to cook. The saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is very true. It doesn’t matter if you learn it gradually and that all you can do is fry. The important thing is that you know how to prepare food for him mainly for breakfast and dinner. Men love to eat breakfast and dinner. Cooking egg in different ways is already a plus.

Tell him about your idol couple. While you are in your date, share to him how much to love one couple who have stayed marriage for a very long time. This will show him that you are in for marriage and that you want a marriage that works.

In no way nag. If you are a nagger, change your ways. Being nagging will hinder his plans to marry you or even make you break up instead. Instead of nagging, compose yourself and be sensitive to him at all times. If you are irritate with him being late, swallow those unkind words and smile instead. This action will not only result to a proposal but will also change you for the better,

If all else fails, ask him when he plans to marry. Being in a relationship entails openness. If you feel that you are in the marrying stage, and then tell him. You got nothing to lose with a mere question

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