Some Deal Breakers in Romantic Relationships

These days, everyone is always in search of true love – that perfect man or woman who will be everything we’ve been dreaming of. A soul mate. Or, as Jerry Maquire would put it, that person we can look at and think, “You complete me.”

Of course, it goes without saying that if we have an idea of all the attributes that special person should have, we also have some pretty clear thoughts on some traits they shouldn’t possess. Basically, we have a number of deal breakers that can cause us to walk away from a potential mate.

Of course, deal breakers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. For some people there are physical aspects to a person that will make them pump the brakes in a relationship. For instance, maybe the person has dandruff. For others, it could be some quirky personality trait.

Lots of women have deal breakers when dating a man. For instance, many women won’t date a man who is shorter than they are. (A female friend of mine once explained this to me, saying that you often feel like you have to protect them when you go out, as opposed to the other way around.) It’s often a deal breaker if a guy doesn’t have a car. Or if he’s still living with his parents past a particular age. Yes, women do indeed have a lot of deal breakers. (And maybe that’s the way it should be. After all, a girl can’t be too careful.)

On the flip side, guys also have their deal breakers when it comes to dating girls. By way of example, many guys don’t date women who they find to be too masculine – such as female bodybuilders. (In fact, I might venture to say that most guys don’t like masculine women.) Or they might find it a turn-off if the girl has a volatile temper.

Basically, almost anything can be a deal breaker (and many of them are funny). In fact, it’s probably a good thing that we all are aware of certain things that we don’t want to deal with in terms of romance. It will likely keep things from becoming messy later.

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