The Fight between Your Mind and Your Heart

by Ada Denis

Most people believe that love is blind. It happens with you when you love someone. Your heart says, he’s better than I ever could have imagined, I’ve never been as happy as I have been with him. Then your mind speaks up. Remember, love is blind? Try to think logically about this!

Love almost always feels this way, especially at first. Your heart is racing, and excited. You realize that you are crying with the sappy songs on the radio. You keep wondering how you got so lucky to be with this incredible guy. At the same time, your mind is screaming stop! Think again!

So who will win? Is it your heart or your mind? Should you listen to your irrational heart, or your sensible but unforgiving mind? Listen to both. God gave you each for a reason. Your mind will notice the potential pitfalls that your heart will try to ignore. Yet, you heart will allow you to love and will not let you give up when things aren’t perfect.

A time comes when you have to decide and you are forced to ignore either your mind or your heart. Sometimes a perfectly good marriage falls apart because they didn’t listen to their heart enough. Somehow the little things like house chores, hobbies, or differences in style were made all too chief by the mind, and the big things that made the relationship so beautiful got lost and forgotten. It is also very common to see someone only allowing their heart to guide them in their relationship.

Sometimes you need to step outside from yourself and see things as other people are seeing it. Getting an outside opinion every once in a while can also do worlds of good, as long as they are someone who knows and understands what a good relationship looks like in the first place. Another person can calm your heart to a more rational state, and assist you in easing the mind’s discomfort.

If you see that person in other’s view, It help you notice things you wouldn’t normally and help you figure out who he is really beyond the infatuation of your heart and the perfection that your mind demands.

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