Tips for Getting Noticed

by Paul Smith

If you are thinking that being attractive or beautiful is the key for getting noticed then think again. What is more important for being noticeable is your mood, your general attitude, your level of comfort and other related factors? The following are tips for helping you to present the best you to others. As you read each, do a quick inventory of how you rate in that area.

Be Yourself First of all be you. You should not try to be someone you are not. Not only do you come across as insincere, you also will present as uncomfortable and make others feel this way right along with you. Relax, be natural, and be who you are that you’re friends and others who know and like you see and appreciate.

Have Smile on your face A smile can change your look. Always welcome your friends or even strangers with a smile. Have an open and inviting expression. Make good eye contact. Let that attractive stranger know you are open to meeting them and happy to be there. If you don’t feel like smiling it may be a good idea to sit this one out at home with a movie or a good book or a low-key get together with a good friend.

Present yourself at your best Attractive is just that. It’s not about having beautiful features or a fantastic body. It’s all about presenting what you have in the best light possible. Always make your best effort in your grooming and choice of clothing. Be friendly, open, and not indiscreet.

Natural conversation Be natural while talking to them. Do not talk about the thing you don’t know about. Let them speak too.

If you see someone who interests you, go for it. Just remember that they may not return your feelings. Then you move away gracefully, look around for someone else that attracts you, and make an overture towards them.

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