Tips to Date across Language barriers

by Paul Smith

Of course love has no language but still you need to understand the language of your date to be closer. Having trouble communicating with your foreign-born date? Follow these steps to get rid of your problem and on your way to a happy, fulfilling relationship.

If you are just starting to date borrowing the dictionary via the library is a more sensible option. It will help you to see how your relationship progresses.

You need to be patient because it is hard to communicate when you are faced with an impatient person sitting across from you.

Look for other ways to express an idea to get around a word you don’t know. Describe something. Act it out. If you both know chemistry note that the chemical symbols don’t change.

You have to expect misunderstandings to happen sometimes even when you think you communicated clearly. Both of you will be trying to figure out what the other said and so you’ll jump at an interpretation that makes sense but may not be right.

When you are talking to each other, make sure you can see your date. This will make it easier for you to understand one another, as you can use hand gestures to emphasize what you are saying.

You don’t need to show her that you are fluent in language; your priority is to communicate. So keep your sentence structure as simple as you can. In many ways it’s like communicating with a little kid but don’t make the mistake of otherwise treating them as a kid.

Take time by yourself to learn the other person’s language through classes, tapes, or friends. This will show the other person how much you care about communication.

You can use a language dictionary to help your date (or you) learn the other’s language by looking up a word that is not understood.

Realize that it will take longer to have a conversation about anything. Don’t get frustrated or angry at the other person.

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