Turning First Dates into Seconds

by Paul Smith

Most people become failing on their first date because of their behavior, their attitudes or etiquettes. By making a meaningful impression on your date early on, you can turn a new dating experience in your favor and successfully land a second date.

Suppose your first date with Miss or Mr. Maybe is progressing nicely. But you find yourself wondering, what would be the response of his or hers when you ask about another date before this date ends? Don’t try ask about second date unless you sincerely want to see this individual again.

From the mid-point to the latter part of the date, this is where you get the chance to sincerely make an important impression on your date, simply by being alert to your behavior and knowing how to turn them in your favor.

Confidence, this is also an important part of turning your first date to another. The worst thing you can do is mislead him or her into thinking you are interested when you honestly would prefer not to go out together again.

On the other hand, if you want to see this shy, reserved or seemingly undecided individual you are sharing a first date with again, here’s your chance to generate some definite interest.

It really doesn’t matter what you say as long as it’s a total shift in conversation. You just paid him or her major compliment. Let it go at that. Your date will pick up on it and let you know if he/she is interested in also getting to know you better through more receptive body language or conversation.

Do not invest more time and energy If you get no response or a negative one.

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