What is love? Are You In?

by Ada Denis

Of course love happens to everyone. You have to know whether it is really love or just an infatuation. Most of us have felt like we’ve been “in love” before and then have broken up only to realize that what you had wasn’t the real deal. Just because you’re exclusively dating someone doesn’t mean you’re in love. Sometimes it happens with you that you are on a date with someone and you are thinking about someone else.

It takes time to build a long lasting relationship more than just one month. Some people mistake physical attraction and lust for love. Having a great sex life doesn’t necessarily mean you and your partner are a perfect match. True love goes much deeper than just the physical part. Here are a few ways you can tell its love.

You are still with that person when he is not around you. Your mind doesn’t stop you to think about him. Although you are quite comfortable on your own, you feel more complete when you are both together.

Whenever you think about your future, you can’t imagine it without your partner to share it with. When you feel this way, it is most likely love. Wanting to be with your partner forever means that you have accepted them, the good parts and bad parts.

You become more caring about them. If you want to know everything about them and be there for them at all times, it’s a sign you’re in love. You weren’t as interested in knowing every aspect of their life and their deepest and most secretive thoughts. You just want to take all of their bad times and pain away from them.

You hardly ever give another person a second glance. You used to notice attractive people when they walked by but now you could care less.

Your partner becomes your top priority. You see your friends less. You’ve dropped your hobbies and now your attention is focused just on your partner. All you want to do is spend time with them. Your friends give you a hard time about it but you don’t care.

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