What to Do When All You Date Are Jerks

by Ada Denis

What will you do when you’re all dates gone badly? You met the person ask him for date and you went on a date with them but there are some jerks. We are all frustrated by the same dating patterns we’ve all got. Why do you end up dating the same guy always?

You date the same type of guy because you continue to be the same type of person. If you don’t want to date a jerk, then you need to discover whatever it is about you that attracts them and then change it. Here are three steps you need to follow to stop your jerk-dating pattern.

Ask a Friend

you can ask your friend if more than once you’ve dated the same type of loser, go to your most honest friend and ask why they think that is. Really listen to what they tell you.

Be Single

You need from here to decide to be single for awhile. Date yourself during this time when you are truly single. Learn what it is that makes you tick and get to know you. Really think about what you need to be happy and about what it is you’re looking for. Write it down once you figure it out, keep it in your bag, and read it every day.

Date Antithesis

Date someone that is nothing like your ex, when you are ready. So seek someone that is different; get a taste for what is out there. You might be surprised to find that you connect with all kinds of people-even if you don’t think they’re your “type.

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