What’s the reason for zero romance today?

As the well known 14th of February (Valentine’s Day) growing ever nearer, it got me thinking. What is the reason behind zero romance nowadays? did all the romance shrink?

It’s a weird sensation to really imagine how different the world has turned out to be over the past 20 years. In my parents era, romance as well as tradition were vital to relationships and dating a lover. That was just the way romancing worked! Maybe I have made this up, but it really seems like each video or perhaps picture I’ve seen was all-around couples from the 1980’s and earlier feels completely romantic. Actually, at this point of time, people may possibly class it as over the top!

Thus I ask, when did all of this change? When did romance really turned into a matter of the past?

I feel maybe I was a bit hasty there with my assumption. Having thought about romance in more detail, that’s just one single part of the story. However, every couple at the beginning of a romantic relationship looks lovely together. In reality, romance is very much blossoming at the initial phases of courting! It may well be some don’t actually put the hard work into romancing since they could however with that in mind, there’s usually an additional growth in their fondness for a new companion!

This brings me to my previous point, maybe all the outdated photographs I’ve looked at are based around lovers slowly and gradually building their foundations in the relationship. Do spouses tend to have more photographs at the beginning or mid way through their relationship? I would probably be tempted to suggested that most certainly this is in the beginning! However in this day and age, with cameras attached to almost everyones mobile phones, possibly it is a buck to the trend?

In any event, let’s return to the original question! Is romance truly dead, or is it a myth that once you plunge into a stride within a romantic relationship it begins to break down?

When I look at my parents now, I don’t actually see romance. I see love as well as true affection. They have been married for thirty-two years currently and have been by each others side since that time! I don’t really want to realize the particulars of their romance in the beginning, however it’s evident to observe it’s faded. However that’s the normality of any relationship, romance does vanish. It’s a part of settling down. Specially when children come along, and become the main concern.

But how could you stop it from declining? Naturally, if you put your thoughts to it, you’ll be able to attain everything! And this is exactly the same with romance! If you wish to maintain the romantic part of you flowing into your mid age of your romantic relationships then you can actually! It only takes the mindful effort to make those romantic expressions for your spouse!

So how are you going to spend Valentine’s Day this year? Do you have any Valentine’s Day ideas to really spice up the romance in your love life? Maybe you’re skeptical and consider it is for the ‘beginners’ of relationships. WRONG. And that’s precisely why romance might die.

It’s down to you to get it again! Here are a few suggestions that can help you actually put a smile on your partner’s face this Valentine’s Day.


If you don’t show them affection on a usual day, 14th February is where it’s at! Just make a conscious attempt to genuinely show your partner how much they mean to you. No matter if it is whispering sweet nothings in their ear or even only a cute text, it’s the perfect time to get that love back into the romantic relationship!


Everyone loves to be given a present, even the most grumpiest of people! A great idea will be to buy something either extremely adorable or attractive for Valentine’s Day. It’s that one day of the year you may really go with it and show them simply how much you really care and want them.


Maybe you have settled, you’re in routine. STOP. Valentine’s Day is the ONE DAY in the whole year when you are supposed to enjoy this romantically along with you companion. Therefore make them your top priority and go somewhere special to enjoy this wonderful event with each other!

To respond to my actual question, romance certainly isn’t dead. As long as you want to feel that desire, you can. And with Valentine’s Day coming soon, it’s about time you revealed your sweet heart exactly how much they mean to you. Cupid can’t go firing his arrows at every person!

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