Worst Date Places

by Paul Smith

As we take care of all aspects of a dating, we need to know about the good places on date. Choice of a bad place for date will embarrass you and assure that you’ll never get another date with the person again. Good places are memorable, different, unique, cost-effective, and relevant to both of you in some way. Bad date places have none of these qualities.

Your goal is to get the other person to still like you enough when the date is over to go out with you again, assuming you’re still interested as well. The following lists the worst places you could choose to go on a date and you must avoid them.

Parent’s House Do not select your parent’s house for your date because it will be a very uncomfortable situation to sit at a dinner table with complete strangers in their own house. You may have the hippest parents in the world. They may intelligent, hospitable and interesting. But don’t subject anyone you just recently met to your parents for an entire dinner.

The Beach Beach is a great place to enjoy but from the point of view of a date with a near stranger, it stinks. First, there’s an awful lot of sand and it can get everywhere. You can’t easily eat on the beach; a lack of furniture contributes to that.

Non-Traditional Restaurant You must avoid a date in non traditional restaurant. For example in a Japanese restaurant you have to take off their shoes upon entering. There will be no chairs, just floor-level tables that everyone sat around on little pillows.

A Family Function Avoid family function for date where your date will find her alone among all strangers. If you bring a first or second date to a family function be prepared for somebody to embarrass you.

An Amusement Park To choose an amusement parks are also a bad idea for dating. Probably your date doesn’t like animals or she hates the noisy atmosphere. You’ll get animals running around trying to high-five you, screaming children, long lines, and overpriced food. So avoid these situations.

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