Worst Traits in a Man

by Ada Denis

We all know that women want a man who cares a little about their appearance and health; yes, we understand that women need more than just the knowledge you love them. Women are extremely observant whether you love it or hate it, often with things that the average male would never notice. You can be impressive in a woman’s view if you know some worst traits which are hated by them. So here the list is.

Not washing your hands (both after going to the washroom, and before eating) This one shouldn’t have to be explained. Please, gentlemen, wash your hands; women notice when you don’t.

Dry lipsChapped lips translate to a chafing, sand-papery kiss, and can turn a cute face into a disappointment.

Talking about other girlyou need to concentrate on her so you don’t need to talk about another girl. This only applies to early on, in the first date or meetings.

Popping your collaror any other trend that was cool two years ago, especially if it was the trend at the time.

Name droppingConstantly dropping names, trying to impress, and talking about how many famous or powerful people you know is an instant turn off.

Wearing shorts in the winterits cold out, get over it. You’re no less a man for wearing pants when it’s cold out, but you are less a man if you show you’re too stubborn to change with the season. Women have a distinction between manly and stupid.

Refusal to accept baldnessBalding is a part of life. Accept it; women do. Embrace it and move on. Such is life.

Carrying a XXL condom around, and letting everyone know itNot only is this a turnoff, it’s obnoxious. It doesn’t make you look like a big man it only serves to degrade both you and her. Flexing, and talking about your muscles – It’s cheesy, lame and a certain turn-off.

Pants that are not long enough – For some reason, pants that just slightly too short really annoy girls.

If you have any of these traits in you then don’t feel bad or just learn from it and move on. You can always turn the offense into a joke laterremember, ladies love laughter!

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