Alimony Orders – Just What is the Administration?

There are many reasons people fall behind on alimony payments. The paying spouse may have lost a job or suffered medical problems. It is likewise possible the payments stopped since the ex just got tired of making them. Whatever your reason, the court will treat the particular failure to make court-ordered payments the same.

In the event that you are not receiving your alimony repayments, your first step is to find out why and ensure your own ex-spouse recognizes that you’re prepared to go to court if the payments don’t start again (along with reimbursement regarding missed payments).

In case your ex continues to refuse, you’ll have to file a motion in court, requesting that the judge force your boyfriend or girlfriend to make the payments. This really is sometimes called a contempt motion or perhaps a motion regarding enforcement. In a motion for contempt it is possible to ask the court to do all or any of that following (these could vary relatively among states, but many states allow many of these remedies):


It is possible to ask a legal court to hold your ex in contempt, which means basically that the court order was disregarded. In the event the judge locates your ex in contempt, the very first punishment will most likely be an order to pay for the particular overdue support and perhaps a different fine. Next, though, the judge could put your boyfriend or girlfriend in jail regarding contempt.

Income Withholding Order

Several alimony orders commence with an income withholding order that needs the payor’s employer to keep the particular alimony from the payor’s paycheck and send it to the receiving spouse

Writ of Execution

You can have a portion of your ex’s bank accounts, CD’s, as well as other assets throughout the courts.

Judgment and also Interest

In case your ex owes you a considerable amount, you can request the court to a money judgment for the amount owed, along with interest and attorneys’ fees. The judgment will comprise a lien on any real estate that the ex owns, which means a sale from the property won’t undergo until the lien pays. It will likewise have a negative influence on your ex’s credit history.

You might want a lawyer’s assist in filing an action to impose alimony–it’s difficult to complete yourself, and when you do get a judgment or a ruling from your judge that you are entitled to seize property, an attorney can help you complete those orders and in actual fact get the money.

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