Free California Divorces, Do You Qualify?

by Jon D. Alexander, Esq.

It is possible to obtain a divorce in California, for Free! You must, however, meet specific criteria.

I will explain all of the criteria to you that will help you determine whether you qualify. But, I would like you to do one small favor for me in return.

Should you not qualify for a Free California Divorce, will you please consider using my services to obtain a divorce, annulment, or legal separation?

My rates are very affordable and I offer many flat fee services including a reasonable flat fee for a California Summary Dissolution. California Summary Dissolutions are popular because they require no in-court appearances and can be quite painless.

For your free report about Free California Divorces please visit my site linked below. I look forward to assisting you and hope that you do qualify for a Free California Divorce.

When you visit my site you’ll be able to determine if you’re eligible for a Free California Divorce. If you’re not, you may be interested in another low-cost option, a California Summary Dissolution. A California Summary Dissolution is an attractive, affordable option that you can do yourself. All you pay are court filing fees. The forms are free and they come with an instruction manual. You can obtain all the forms and the instruction packet on my site. If you need assistance I’m more than happy to assist and my rates are extremely reasonable. Visit now!

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