Honesty – Can It Help You To Get Your Ex Back?

Is a little white lie no big deal when you’re trying to get your ex back? Do you feel that all is fair in love and war? Do you want to be honest but you don’t want to take the chance of losing your ex forever? See if honest is the way to go or if bending the truth might help you more.

The truth might be a tough pill for you to swallow right now as you are working to get back together with your ex. Should you be honest with your ex or is it ok to bend the truth just a little bit? You might feel better about being honest with your ex but will it hurt you or help you as you struggle to get your ex back?

The stress of trying to get your ex back can be overwhelming. You watch what you say and you are afraid that every question is a trap. One wrong move and your chances of getting your ex back are shot for good. You feel like you’re walking in a minefield where you could easily say the wrong thing and things will blow up into a huge arguement and you will automatically be on the losing side. So what do you do when your ex asks you a direct question? Do you tell the truth or do you lie hoping that they will never find out the truth?

Lying is never a good thing and getting caught in a lie is even worse. But if you hope to be completely honest with your ex you have to wonder if they are going to be able to handle the truth. What do you do when that moment comes and you are asked about something that might not put you in a favorable light or has the possibility of destroying your chances of getting back together with your ex?

Your ex will probably tell you that all they want out of you is the truth. You want to be honest. You really do! You know that it is the right thing to do and you can imagine what could happen if you are caught in that lie later in your relationship. What you may have thought was an innocent little lie meant to protect your ex’s feelings could complicate matters beyond what your ex might wish to deal with.

Keep in mind that there are always ways to spin things. There are always ways to take a fact or incident and explain yourself in a way that turns out to be a plus for you and your relationship. You can actually use something like this to make your relationship stronger and improve your chances of getting your ex back if you know how to apologize in the correct way. You can be truthful in a way that helps your ex get over the pain from the past and rebond with your ex at the same time. You need not be afraid of any question your ex might ask you and you can be truthful at the same time.

Even though your entire relationship often hangs in the balance when you are having discussions like this with your ex, you need to have the confidence in yourself and in your ability to take control of your relationship. Once you look at things from your ex’s point of view and get a glimpse inside what they went through and why they left you. By focusing on your ex and connecting with them you stand a very good chance at getting them back while being honest at the same time. This is definitely doable and possible.

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