How To Forget Your Ex

by Ricardo d Argence

I’ve already talked about a few ways to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for getting over a difficult break-up and moving on with your love life. Now, I will continue this discussion and explore a few more tips on how to grow into a better person and take the pain and hurt of a break up in stride. Ok, on to a few more tips…

1. “HATE Leads to FEAR leads to SUFFERING…” You should RESOLVE all the problems regarding possible negative feelings, as suggested by this phrase.

Sometimes you are going to want to scream, you are so pissed off. You may resent your ex because so much time seems “wasted” or there are kids involved that now you have to deal with. Finally, you may come to hate YOURSELF, and that’s the scariest place of all, because everyone needs love, but you have to be able to depend on YOURSELF to love YOU first. Don’t waste your time with hate.

2. Have a Pow-Wow. Native American communities have set the example of people coming together in difficult times to help the weakest members with their experience. This is applicable even in small scales! Gather your friends and family. Receive the help they can give. Maybe they have lived through similar happenings.

Guidance and strength can be provided by your male friends and will help you see through your delusions causing you to better yourself. When your relationship ends, your girlfriends will be there to give you support that you need to help you move forward. Time to gather at the designated place.

3. Creative Expression. The most compelling literature of all ages are crafted by writers who are themselves great sufferers. Each of us has an imagination and a creative side. Examine your path of expression and you will perceive your feelings on a deeper level. Keeping a notebook of the things you are going through is vital.

When you are finally in a stable relationship, you can take the time to reflect on the break-up that had such an impact on your life.

Our discussion has ended. Be reminded always of these things, but be open to other possibilities such as these:

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