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by Alan Z. Redman

When you and your spouse agree to dissolve the marriage, it can become quite painless, if you can amicably decide who gets what assets and debts, and you can file your own divorce with many of the legal divorce forms you can find online. This is particularly easy if you have no children and limited assets and debt. This is a no contest or no fault divorce.

Many of the costly divorces are due to bitterness and vengefulness. These divorces are a waste of time and money, and often escalate the bad emotions that lead to the divorce to begin with.

Once this negativity is removed, the negotiations can really begin. You can discuss your settlement without the need for a costly attorney, and can even file legal divorce forms yourselves, as an attorney is not a requirement in a divorce court.

Based on your possessions which you have both gathered over the years, it can be pretty easy assigning who gets what car, and who should move out of your shared home, as well as who gets which personal items. It’s these items which can cause the most heartache. Try and be understanding to your partner’s feelings when going through family albums, CDs etc.

If you think they should have something, then give it to them. There is no sense is causing further problems, because you “might” find a use for an item they love.

There are many sites around that can help with this kind of thing, and they also contain legal divorce forms for all 50 states as well as assistance in putting your property divisions into a formal agreement.

Cars and real estate may also have debts against them, so normally the spouses will decide who gets the asset along with the debt that goes with it. In the case of the home, many times, it will be placed for sale while one spouse continues to live in it with the agreement to upkeep and work towards the goal of selling it, then the equity will be divided.

Once you have agreed on the division of property, it is time to draw up your actual legal divorce forms, they are normally listed State-specific, and then file them at the courthouse with the applicable fees.

Courthouse employees will not tell you what to do or how to file, as they cannot give legal advice, but usually there will be instructions online outlining the sequence.

Once you have filed and paid your fees, a date will be set. Either one or both of you will go before a judge, and if he is happy with the application he will grant you your divorce. You will end up saving thousands in legal fees, and you never know, you may even remain friends.

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