California Marriage Records And Other Public Documents

California is one of the many open states in the country. Being an open state would mean that the local residents are given the freedom to access any of their personal documents if they have a need for it. One of the documents that can be accessed by the residents is the records of marriage in California.

California marriage records are one of the sources of information when conducting a genealogy research. It contains information necessary in updating the family history. Transactions in the government would also call for a copy of a marriage certificate. Marriage certificates serve as proof of one’s civil status especially when updating the government records and when dealing with insurance matters. The document is also used by people who are checking the marital status of an individual. This is done by people who are in a relationship. They check on their partner’s status before engagement or marriage.

As the name suggest, marriage certificates would contain the basic details of the marriage. One would know the complete names of the bride and the groom. The maiden name of the bride is also indicated on the record. The date and the place where the marriage occurred are also on the public document along with the names of the couple’s parents. Additional information includes the names of the witnesses of the marriage.

Marriage records of California are managed by the office of the Vital Records Section at the Department of Health. The said office has managed to keep records from 1905 up to the present, however, marriages hat were registered from 1987-1995 are only available at the county where it was originally registered. A $14 processing fee has to be paid in order to proceed with the retrieval of the marriage record.

In order to request for marriage records in the state of California one has to prepare the basic marriage details of the record being obtained. This has to be indicated on the request form along with the personal details of the one who filed the request. One should also remember that the document is only released if the one who filed the request is the bride or the groom. The immediate family of the couple is also given access to the file. Others need to have special permission in order to proceed with the retrieval marriage records of other people. Mail requests are also accepted and it has to be sent to the state office. The payment has to enclose in the mail and it has to be made in the form of money order or check. This method can take some time especially if there are problems encountered during the search.

Residents of California can now retrieve marriage license records online. This means that residents of the state can request for their document even without going to the state office. This has minimized the wait time as well as the effort spent in requesting such document. Some websites even offer their users a free search.

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