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A divorce is a stressful culmination of stockpiled resentments and animosity and physiologic and emotional displeasure that surrounded a dysfunctional couple within the duration of their marriage. Many other factors can influence the breakdown of the foundations that were once built using the bricks of affection and time. Divorces can also be a gateway towards moving on to new, happier and stress-free life for an individual. With one out of three marriages ending up in the chopping block the United States’ divorce rate has been maintained in that level. In order to keep track of these tendencies, along with other uses, the documents these vital events yield are put in safekeeping in duly appointed Federal and State agencies.

Divorce records are official papers that substantiate the legality of your divorce, that this dissolution has been approved by a judge in a court of law. These public documents are continuously being sought because of its many uses. For instance, such registers can be used to delete your ex-partner’s entry in all cooperative financial ventures, and to renew a wife’s maiden name in all important documents such as passports. The most common parties that seek divorce records are the individuals who wish to remarry, because such documents can provide a comprehensive view of the future partner’s history, thereby influencing critical decision making and mitigating any future risk. More importantly, divorce records are vital requirements that need to be presented prior to the issuance of a new marriage license.

Certain State regulations in Indiana mandate the storage, maintenance and distribution of divorce records Indiana in a county level. This means that the Clerks of the Circuit Court within the state’s jurisdiction were given this task to ensure that public records are within the residents’ grasp whenever they need it for whatever legal intention. Lastly, there are no restrictions as to who can obtain the certified copies of these divorce registers.

Because policies and steps for incur divorce records vary within Indiana counties, it is imperative to contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court that is responsible for the county where the divorce was filed and eventually settled. As a general rule, you must at least the very basic information about the divorce that you are looking for, namely the names of the husband and the wife, including the latter’s maiden name, and the date and the city or county where the divorce took place. Divorce records are usually indexed using the husband’s name. Moreover, primary identification documents such as driver’s licenses and valid passports are typically required upon filing a request in the office of the Clerk of Court. Afterwards, pay the required fees, and wait for at least a week for the mail containing your request from the said office.

Additionally, you can also appoint the attorney or the paralegal that accompanied you during the divorce process to acquire your divorce record on your behalf. This is only exclusive to the persons that are in the divorce record. These Clerks of Court have also recently allowed public access towards public records via the Internet for faster turnover of results and to significantly reduce processing times.

With the emergence of the Internet, countless individuals have achieved convenience right in the luxury of their own homes. Marriage and divorce records and other public documents can now be publicly viewed after performing a quick search effort via the database of online records retrieval providers. This fast and hassle-free electronic substitute can be of big assistance especially when the manuscript is being asked from you at the soonest possible time, like in legal proceedings and related events.

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