How To Effectively Use A Charm Catcher

Ancient American societies believed in the mystery of nature that connected everything including animals, people and objects into a singular stream. Good and bad dreams existed side by side. With a charm catcher it is possible to sieve good dreams or omen and deter the bad omen from affecting you. All you needed to do was create a web that would stop the bad dreams from getting to you.

The general design of dream catchers varied depending on personal preference. There were both small and large catchers. The components of making catchers could be obtained from specialty shops. They are available in the form of pendants that are used on necklaces. Since they can be used on different parts of the body, it is the individual who made that choice on design.

It is grand mothers who would weave the catchers on behalf of their grand children. These charms were used in bedrooms or around sleeping areas to facilitate good dreams that would give children a peaceful night. Adults also use them in chains and bracelets for good luck purposes. They ensure that the adults are protected from bad luck in their endeavors. Feathers from different birds remain the main feature.

Catchers are used beyond the bedroom. People want to keep catching the good omen while on the move. This has seen them move away from real bird feathers because they succumb to elements like water and sweat. They have also added crystals to make them more interesting and attractive on the body.

The overall design of a catcher depends on personal taste. Personal preference does not eliminate the web and the feather from the general design. The web is used for confusing bad omen while movement of the feather indicates a passing dream. Catchers come in different shapes, the most popular ones being circular. Some people prefer abstract shapes as long as the feather is there. The color is not a factor when designing a catcher.

Since feathers are the original motif for making catchers, sculptures have moved from original bird feather to create sculptures similar to what is used for ordinary pendants. They only ensure that the image of a feather is maintained. In fact, the catcher is concealed in an ordinary necklace. This design allows you to adorn the charmer anywhere without being extra conscious or attracting undesired attention. This will protect you from attack by evil spirit.

Before adorning catchers, they are taken to the local park in order to absorb the good charms from the environment. When transporting it to the park, use a cotton bag because it is soft and will not hurt the good spirits. Catchers used on the bed or in rooms should be kept away from the wall to enable them swing or move freely. Those for use on the body are hung around the neck.

Catchers are available in multiple shapes and colors. There are good fortunes and protection from harm when you make them a part of your life. It should be assimilated naturally to avoid excessive consciousness. A personal twist is acceptable because it does not reduce or affect its effectiveness.

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