Not Merely Plain White Diamonds Any More: the Modern Eternity Wedding Ring

Gold rings loss mass when they are scratched; the metal is more easily removed. To me, platinum is worth the investment. Pay a little more for platinum now but get a lifetime of platinum benefits.

More difficult cleanings should be handled by a professional jeweler. In addition, when it’s not on your hand, make sure you keep your gold ring in a soft pouch, apart from your other jewelry.

Do not make it generic.

Platinum wedding bands tend to have a longer life cycle. Platinum is renowned for its purity, containing anywhere from 85 to 95% pure platinum. Other grades are arranged accordingly. Platinum is quite popular today because of its rarity and durability. There are only a handful of platinum mines worldwide and it takes 10 tons of ore to produce one ounce of platinum compared to three tons of ore to produce an ounce of gold. Platinum retains its white luster long after it has been crafted and its recent revival after a short period of negligence has restated custom.

Whether you wear a white gold wedding band or a diamond platinum engagement ring, the symbol you model represents more than emblem of your love; it marks the evolution of culture and desire into a time-honored tradition. Today’s engaged couple faces both typical and more contemporary choices. The range is anywhere from the tradition diamond in a established setting to a glittering range colored gems, or a mixture of the gemstones and diamonds.

Durability: Platinum is 60% heavier than gold. It is denser and stronger, making it more difficult to bend or break and more resistant to damage. Display: Platinum comes straight out of the mine gleaming a white/silver color.

One particular gain of platinum rings is that they can be minimizing-off the finger in the function of an emergency.

As early as the 2nd Century AD, gold replaced iron and the traditional wedding band was constructed. Almost 1300 years afterward the first diamond wedding ring was adopted into ceremony.

Unlike some jewelry you may buy during your life, these are very special and should be treated with respect as they most probably won’t leave your fingers very often. You will, I believe, spend a large sum of money if you are buying platinum wedding rings (by definition it is an valuable metal) so the least you can do is ensure they fit well.

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