Save A Marriage And Stop Divorce Now

by Tracey Pierce

Not a lot of people these days would care to save marriage. Most would just rather opt for divorce. These days, it seems to be the fashionable choice. Can’t reconcile your differences? File for divorce! Been fighting all of a sudden? File for divorce. It’s becoming like the answer to all marriage problems, the way back to paradise, and the only way out of problems. It’s like everybody believes that after divorce, you’d have a painless, stress-free life.

But a divorce can’t promise that. A divorce can’t save marriage, let alone save a life. It’s not a “promised land” as many people tend to think. One you look deeper into the process of divorce and it’s after effect, you’d know that it isn’t all it’s set up to be.

Financially, a divorce is an asset thwarter.

Getting a divorce means losing a source of income. If, before your divorce, your household was living on two incomes, just think how it’d affect you know that you only have your income to live on. You think you won’t be affected financially if your partner isn’t working? Think again. If you’re a man, you’d have financial responsibility over your wife. If not, you would have to live with the perk of having someone stay at home and take care of household responsibilities. You might have to hire a help, slashing a significant amount from your budget. And the worst part? Your conjugal assets will be divided between you two, subtracting a big amount from you.

And that’s not even the worst part! We haven’t started talking about the amount of money you’re going to have to spend on divorce. When in the middle of a marital crisis, a lot of people forget to take this into account. Many are too focused on escaping the pain. But a divorce can cause even much more pain on your pockets and on you. Before you think about divorce, think about the crazy amount of money you’re gonna have to spend on petitioning and processing a divorce. Lawyers charge at an unbelievable hourly rate that gets higher and higher each year. If you get on with your divorce, your assets (which you will also have to divide between each other) will soon diminish!

Most people don’t realize just how much a divorce can change them lives for the worse while by simply trying to save a marriage; they can make life way better. With the skyrocketing costs of getting a divorce, and the amount of income that could be slashed from you, you might have to sell some of your properties. You might end up renting ’cause the mortgage would then become too steep for you. You might have to settle for a cheaper lifestyle!

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