Adding a Western Flair to your Wedding

by John Bakers

The hitch to having the perfect western wedding is in the details. In order to have a truly unique and perfect experience you will need the perfect location. You have to find one that goes with the western theme and is in a good location so it is practical for your friends and family can come without a lot of hassle. Putting it together can be a lot of fun and there are many unique locations that can make the ideal location for the wedding.

Somewhere to Start

When you are first setting out to find your location, you should consult the yellow pages. You will want to look in the yellow pages for a city that has an old west feel to it and can offer a suited location. The best place to go to do this is online yellow pages. You should also be able to use the internet to research cities and possible locations. Use search terms, like ‘old west’ and ‘western wedding venues’. You should be able to get a lot of good ideas on locations and possibly other aspects of your wedding like dcor, favors, dresses, entertainment and food. While researching you should also be on the lookout for a hotel to book for your guests.

Pinning Down the Location

After you have done some research you will want to take a look at the places that interested you. You need to call the venue and ask them questions to get a good idea if that locale will work for you or not. If you are struggling to find a good western spot, take a look at Pioneertown, California. It is a movie set that was built by Roy Rogers and has a church onsite that can be used for ceremonies. There is also a nearby restaurant. This is a perfect all in one location where you can host the wedding and reception.

The Little Things

After you find a location you will need to get all the little details in order. Depending on how western you want things to be, you may consider having tumbleweeds, backdrops and even authentic western gear for servers. You will also need to plan out a menu, flowers, dcor and favors – all carrying on the western theme. Your menu, for example, may include cornbread, ribs, steaks and rich desserts. You may also consider what time of year you are holding the wedding. For instance, during the fall it would be harvest time on the western frontier and probably the most likely time for weddings during that time period. This is also a great time to take advantage of the beautiful western weather and scenery that comes about in the fall. aslo keep in mind the low key atmosphere of the west – encourage guests to come in their best blue jeans!

Putting together a western wedding can be a lot of fun. Since you are already a fan of the genre, you should find it easy to put things together, from the location to the little details like your celtic irish promise rings. It will be an amazing day that you and your guests are sure to remember forever.

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