Hairstyle Options for a Splendid Wedding

by John Bakers

Finding a splendid hairstyle for your wedding is not always easy. After all, the wedding is to be the perfect culmination of a couple’s relationship when they decide that they individually have found the one person on this planet with whom they wish to spend the rest of their lives! Wanting to look special and beautiful is only natural on this special day, and considering that all eyes are usually on the bride, it is not surprising that her hairstyle will receive much attention.

Seasoned wedding planners advise their bridal clients to think about their wedding dress and pick a hairstyle that will complement the look and feel of the garment. For example, if the garment lends itself to an elegant coif, this is the time to pick the style! On the other hand, if the dress is decidedly casual, then a highly elegant or modish hairstyle would present a clash that needs to be avoided. Similarly, if the dress has a veil that requires attachment to the hair, it is wise to choose a hairdo that can withstand the weight of the veil.

Generally speaking, there are two primary choices for the bride with longer hair: should it be worn up or should it be worn down. Either mode may be accessories and made to suit whatever the tone of the occasion is, but the most elegant hairstyles are those which are worn swept up. If you wish to wear your hair up but do not want to have an elegant look, opt for a knot or bun and permit some tendrils to escape.

You may have noticed that some brides are no longer choosing the veil but instead are deciding to display beautifully crafted flower wreaths in their hair, as was the fashion a long time ago in the European countries. This gives you beautiful choices but also requires the assistance of a skilled hairstylist who will ensure that the wreaths stay in place before, during and after the ceremony. Even though some brides may opt to remove the wreath for the reception celebration, it should be pointed out that even the removal of the wreath should be done by someone who will have the ability to tease the locks back into a pleasing coif. In many cases the bridesmaids’ hairstyles will mirror that of the bride’s although theirs will not be as elaborate as the one wearing the diamond engagement ring.

Not to be outdone, the groom and his entourage will also want to carefully pick their hairstyle. Granted, there is not too much time and effort that needs to be spent on these – usually short – hairstyle options, but it is wise to ensure that the styling is done by a professional. Many a man who is confronted, perhaps for the first time, with hair gel and spray may not realize that a little bit can go a long way and it is not unheard of to have a bit of an overspray problem. One trick of the trade rarely discussed is the admonition for men to get their hair cut two weeks prior to the event. This ensures that any mistakes made during the cut may be fixed and if only growth can undo some damage, two weeks will allow enough time to at least provide some cover.

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