Shop Around for the Perfect Country Wedding

by Robert Carlton

As you shop for the perfect country wedding, a plethora of choices soon becomes obvious; yet are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves? After all, country weddings are a wonderful expensive and they are quite enjoyable for all who attend – except perhaps for the person who is planning them!

In this case the devil truly resides in the details as country weddings only come alive when the attire worn for the occasion is very carefully selected and accessorized. By the same token, the location, flowers, and of course the wedding invitations also need to reflect the look but also feel of the typical country wedding and while it is for the uninitiated very easy to foul up on one or more details, professionals by and large have the best results in putting together this kind of marriage celebration.

Many a country wedding is held in the summer to capitalize on the country feel of wide brimmed straw hats, lemonade, the smell of lavender and wild jasmine, and also the sundresses and lace that make the occasion such a memorable event. Paying close attention to the location of your nuptials will of course provide you with a stunning backdrop. Imagine the beauty of an authentic farmhouse or the authenticity of a barn!

Even the reception could be reflective of the country wedding and as you or your wedding planner shop for the supplies needed, red and white checkered table cloths are a must have! Include candles and lanterns for table decorations and center pieces, and maybe even some wagon wheels and other authentic pieces of Americana to round out the display. Think of place settings put together with stitch like printing or handwriting, and instead of elaborate bouquets on the table vases with yellow flowers will work beautifully!

The music selection is another item worth shopping around for! Nothing says country like a good square dance, but if you want to shy away from this, why not opt for a live bluegrass band? Your wedding planner should know a number of available bands that will give that authentic country touch to your wedding reception. You can even take the theme much further by being very choosy with respect to the food you will serve at the reception, the cake you will have, and even the transportation to and from the venue! Why not have you guests leave their cars at a turnoff and let them take a hayride to the location of your marriage celebration?

The perfect country wedding is the kind of event you and your guests will not forget and the more planning and care you invest into the event, the more perfect it will be when the big day comes about!

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