Wedding Bands in Scotland – Find the Best

by Chris Cross

Some of the best wedding bands in Scotland can be found online and MySpace hosts several of them. They play everything from the basic Scottish tunes to rock music of today. With the variety of bands that play a variety of music, finding the perfect band for your day does not need to be a chore.

Aquarius is known everywhere across Scotland as a premiere band for various functions and venues. They include weddings in their busy schedule as well. They have something to offer for people of all generations, performing pop and rock from the 50’s to modern day. They will even throw in some Ceilidh. From Sinatra to modern rock, they have a versatility that blends in well with weddings. Book them as soon as possible to avoid finding them busy on your special day!

Get Private Lessons as your wedding band if you are getting married in central Scotland. They also play old to new music but have a distinctive sound they have perfected after being together for over two decades. Newlyweds have posted on their MySpace, giving praise to this band. You will find an email address for them on their MySpace page.

For weddings and civil ceremonies, you cannot beat the band, “Zen”. Comprised of members who have experience in the music business (some of it worldwide), Zen takes pride in their ability to give a great live performance. From their MySpace page, you can visit their website, where you will find song selections, recommendations and even samples of their music. Their range is oldies to new and covers ballads to a few Scottish favorites.

MySpace hosts several pages owned by wedding bands in Scotland. There, you can find the above bands and many more. If you have just started to plan your wedding, booking a band now is the smartest advice you can take. This way, the band of your choosing is more likely to be available for your wedding.

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