It is but a reality that it is just easy for many persons to actually share to you pieces of advices with regards to the planning of your wedding and so, you should be thinking carefully as to what you should follow. You may get a lot of wedding planning advices from people you know, but remember that there could only be one that would really stand out from the rest. On the other hand, you may not also have any wedding tips for that matter and so, you need to know these things.

The venue of the wedding must be thoroughly planned. When you plan for the venue, you should consider the number of people attending. It would really be great to have a good weather on your wedding day so as you can plan to have your wedding just outside the house. There are those venues readily available for reservations without asking you to pay that high just to have your name listed on their reservation list. There are even times that the couple would prefer to do the wedding in a specific park in their place. Most of the venues would ask you to pay for a deposit and after everything went back to its normal state, you can have it back. If you get yourself reserved for a venue, you’ll have the opportunity of also reserving the furniture, kitchen, bathroom and seating space of the venue. There is no way that you will be asking for more, considering the small amount you have just paid.

It is indeed very important to actually take note of the number of guests you have on your wedding list. You have to deal first with this one before you can actually handle the rest of the details for the wedding. This will actually make sure that there is enough room for all your guests. Normally, you must have twenty five to thirty square feet per person. Everything must also involve a space for other wedding details like the dance floor, tables, decorations and furniture, bands and entertainment and also the servers.

Make also a short list of guests for your wedding to cut down your expenses and also to allot a bigger space for everyone. You really need to allot a bigger budget for the reception of your wedding. If we talk about the catering bills and reception details, you are talking about a greater deal. Less number of guests would mean fewer expenses.

Look for a Perfect Date

If you are really thinking of the possible expenses, you should chose a date that is not actually at the peak season for wedding. Actually, it is during summer that weddings are on their peak. You can prevent yourself from spending s much by setting your wedding day either on the months of November, March, February or January. For you to make sure that there will be no hassle during your big day, like serious traffic and other things, you should first look into if your wedding day will actually be the same day as the local activities, parade, local game and other events will actually take place.

Food Preparation

It is indeed very significant that before you make a deal with regards to the food, you should have checked first their menu. Actually, for those who will be spending some time at the venue would require you a meal. Because of that, there is this special offer called “Vendor Meal”. It is important for you to verify first with them if they have any suggestions with the kind of vendor meal you are planning to have for them. Many of the couples planning for their dream wedding actually miss to deal with this matter. It is very important for you to make sure that the vendors would really require a meal and for how many vendors you are about to feed. Although “Vendor Meal” is not as expensive as the guest meal, it would still require you to pay a high amount. Have this thing on your budget list!

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