Select The Best Wedding Flower Packages Available

Flowers and herbs have been an important element in nuptials since the first wedding ceremonies began. Records of floral decorations can be traced back to the unions of the ancient Greeks. Blooms were seen as a gift of nature, and as symbols of love and happiness. Kissing knots of flowers were used at weddings to bring good luck and love. Today, flowers are often used in every aspect of this special day, from bouquets and ornamentation of the ceremony venue, to nosegays and reception centerpieces. This is why wedding flower packages can be so helpful.

The bride’s bouquet is a crucial element of the big day. Cascades, teardrop designs, spray roses, clutch or rounded, the bridal flowers set the tone for the rest of the floral fashion of the romantic occasion. Lilies, freesias, orchids, callas and roses are all traditional wedding flowers. They should co-ordinate with the decor and atmosphere of the venues for the ceremony and reception. A well-designed floral package can provide the stunning “wow factor” any happy couple will cherish.

Many factors influence the cost of a package. The choice of flowers, the season, color options, size of blooms, individual details and possible rush fees all impact on costs. Silk or preserved flowers tend to be less expensive than fresh blooms.

As an alternative to fresh cut flowers, there is an increasing demand for quality artificial blooms. Silk flowers can be ordered early, samples sent and approved in advance, with no danger of disappointment on the big day. These realistic, hand-made, real-feel blossoms also make memorable keepsakes. Availability is not effected by the season, silk or preserved blossoms won’t wilt and there is no danger of anyone suffering from hay-fever or allergies. Such packages can be great value.

Choosing the right supplier is key. There are huge numbers of wholesalers, chain shops, on-line outlets and locally-owned shops to pick from. It is important to feel comfortable with the chosen florist. Comparison shop; discover how skilled each florist is, do they have staff designers, ask to see live samples and references.

Flowers can be an expensive component of a wedding. It is essential to buy in confidence. Membership of the American Institute of Floral Designers is a good indicator of professional standards. Packages should remove the stress and hassle out of this detail in the process of making the big day a dream come true.

DIY packages are another possibility. “How to” guides are available on the internet to help with tips and ideas on creating unique, personalized, affordable all-inclusive floral packs. These can be ordered on-line. Rental packs can also be found, using realistic man-made blooms with a “real touch” feeling. Silk alternatives to real flowers have the advantage of not being reliant on the time of year. There is no danger of any of the VIPs having an allergic reaction, and artificial packs can be bought well in advance with no worries about them wilting.

With all these varieties of wedding flower packages, there should be something to suit every budget and personal tastes. Browse all the options before coming to a decision. Consultations will help to find a suitable florist that feels compatible and capable of enhancing the most important day of your life.

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