The Perfect Wedding Roses Say A Thousand Words

Roses are red, violets are blue. My love is like a red, red rose. Yes, the immortalized rose is almost an essential for a beautiful wedding. In the flower arrangements, bride’s bouquet and table centerpieces, floral arches and button holes, wedding roses are the ideal accompaniment to a happy couple’s special day.

Flowers have a unique language referring to love and wedding unions, and the rose has more meaning and language than most. Since medieval times, the language of flowers has spread from Middle Eastern Persia in the 1500s, reaching eighteenth-century France. Within a century, people from over Europe were sending each other flowers depending on the sentiment they needed to convey. The rose, more than other flowers, has always been intertwined with everlasting love.

A red rose, the stock in trade for Valentine’s Day, has long signified lasting love. Desire and passion are all implied by the deep reds. They’re also, more fundamentally, a great contrast and compliment to a bridal gown whether its white, cream or ivory. For a winter wedding, they are the perfect emblem, matching the greens and the white of snow.

Peaches or pale pinks are suggestive of grace, understanding and gratitude. Lavender or purple is for grace plus refinement. Black used to be a symbol of death or funerals, but now meanings are in a state of flux. A black rose can create stunning contrasts and make a personal, alternative fashion statement. Yellow suggests pure joy and friendships valued. A white rose is about purity.

Of course many brides like a bouquet that incorporates different combinations of colors. The red and white rose combined, with a lot of historical references, symbolizes unbreaking unity. Oranges and yellows are increasingly popular and convey passion and desire. Red and yellow are simply about happiness. So you can think about the meanings, mixing colors together.

It’s classical to run the colors and type of rose species through all ornamental flowers used on the wedding day, in a consistent theme. This doesn’t mean wall-to-wall rose buds alone in a single color. Perhaps just a few stems in table centerpieces, with the husband to be wearing the same key color of the bridal bouquet for his button hole. Use them in the aisle or church flowers too.

Roses are so simple and yet so perfect. Available at most times of the year, these blooms work well with many other flowers and leaf arrangements. So talk to your florist. There are over one hundred different species, with hybrids, climbers and tea roses, most originating in Asia. Cultivated for thousands of years, the members of the Rosaceae family are suited to almost every occasion.

Wedding roses, decorations and bouquets provide sheer delight to everyone at the event. A flower to remember, the rose, sums up love plus marriage and says much about a couple’s feeling and commitment to each other. Florists will advise about meanings for colors and rose species, so your choice expresses how you feel about one another. So hire a great florist to help you select the perfect buds for your arrangements.

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