Why Men Cheat – 4 Major Reasons You Need to Know to Prevent It

by Sally Webb

Infidelity is such a big part in society that sometimes we just need to take a step back and explore why men cheat in the first place. This is important to prevent things like this to happen in your marriage or relationship.

First of All, I would have to let you know that women are mostly the ones who work on these things – simply because men out there won’t do it.

Men would rather think and work on other things – they do not see the need to boil down the reason why they cheat on their partner.

However so, it is very important to know the root of cheating to prevent it from happening in any relationship. This is why whether or not you are the one that has to work on the issue, it has to be done.

Here are the top reasons why men cheat:

The Relationship is Becoming Dull – This is very common and supposedly normal in any course of relationship. This is also one of the top reason why men cheat.

A relationship will suffer this ‘dullness’ stage as soon as it passes the initial infatuation rush of chemistry. That is why in any case people should work on their relationship by keeping the excitement alive. Do different things together, because no matter how unfair it is for men to cheat because of this reason, it happens.

Lots of Fights and Issues – A little bit of argument can keep a relationship healthy, too much is never good.

No doubt a relationship will have its fight and arguments. However, women tend to bring up more unimportant issues – or small issues that has been sized up together with past issues. It is very hard for men to handle the constant drama. He would then look for so-called ‘peace’ somewhere else, which can lead to affair or cheating.

Another reason is when you both are too different to each other – and no one cares enough to tolerate the other person’s wants or needs.

While it is true some differences can be good for a relationship, there has to be a time where he feels that there is something in common between you both. Of course we expect our partner to have different opinions and interests with us – that is exactly what friends are for.

But if you need others to fulfil your needs every time… you can see why men cheat due to this very same reason.

Ok, one last reason is the simple human nature of wanting the greener grass on the other side.

I’m sure you’ve heard of people just not being appreciative enough of what they already have. Men are like this too, especially when the women in their life seem to give them no challenge whatsoever.

The grass looks greener on the other side with more challenges and excitement – and he falls into temptation. Of course, you can give him the challenge that he wants by letting him ‘give’ in the relationship rather than always on the ‘receiving end’.

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