Are You Familiar with Tarot Cards?

by Charlie Reese

Before you begin the steps in the following tarot card reading instructions, it is important that you carefully choose your own deck of tarot cards. There are many styles and designs to choose from, so spend ample time exploring until you find a deck that you like more than all the others. Then, spend time with the deck so you can saturate it with your personal energies and so that the energies in the images of your cards can seep into your psyche.

Finally, learn the assigned meanings and association for each picture. Now you are ready to begin!

1. Separate the Major Arcana from the Minor. Shuffle each set of cards and cut them. Then lay them out in rows of 3 across; 7 down; one to the side. This will use all the Major Arcana. Some of the Minor Arcana will be unused. Set these aside.

2. Look at the pictures on the cards in the pattern you laid out before you. Write down one word for each card that first comes to your mind when you look at the picture.

3. Identify a pattern in the images so you can form a story as if you are looking at a picture book without words. You may form a story from left to right, then up to down; or you may begin with the vertical line and then continue to the horizontal line. The one card to the side does not have to fit into the story other than the fact that it is the most important and may therefore represent the key or solution to the story.

4. What situation in the life of the recipient is brought out by the symbols on the cards? Identify that situation. This may require some conversation with your recipient.

5. With the circumstances of the recipient in front focus, look again to the narrative of the pictures laid out before you. Look for a twist on the story that would make the circumstances come out both better and worse.

6. Look again at the words you wrote down for each card. Notice how the words can apply to either the better or the worse scenario for the person who is receiving the reading.

7. Discuss these possibilities with the recipient. Show him/her how the cards reveal possible avenues s/he can take concerning the immediate situation.

You may be surprised how your personal intuition, combined with the assigned meanings for the cards, can reveal a much more accurate reading than simply following the instructions that came with your deck. When you have a connection with your deck and employ your own energies toward a reading, you will quickly become adept at tarot card readings.

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