Explaining Death In Buddhism

From the point of view of Buddhists, death is a wholly different phenomenon. Unlike other major religions, Buddhism gives a death a new connotation. In fact, the passing away of an individual symbolises a new life, a shift of the departed from this life to the next. Buddhism, a way of life, as most analysts call it, is obedient to the major tenets of life implemented by Buddha. Buddhists believe that death bears significance to the deceased and to the bereaved family.

Death comes across as a burdensome experience. It is associated with all types of emotions, especially negative feelings of sorrow. Buddhist believers, however, value the idea of death as a remarkable lesson for those who live. Death, according to Buddhism, emphasises the fact that nothing is permanent. Because of life’s impermanence, every individual must go out and be good to other people.

In Singapore, there are two common types of Buddhist funerals. The pure Buddhist funeral shows monks leading prayers and holding a series of simple rituals. The strict regimen of this traditional funeral forbids any burning of paper mache or joss paper. The more common type of funeral in Singapore is apparently a hybrid, a mesh of Chinese and Buddhist worship rites that concentrate on sending off the deceased in a safe manner.

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