How Psychics Use Remote Viewing

by Charlie Reese

Remote viewing has become popular since several people who were prior military men stated that they worked on a project for the military called Stargate. According to remote viewers, the project was started and lead by a man by the name of Ringo Swan. Ringo Swan is supposively the name who wrote the format for the military on teaching others how to conduct remote viewing with your mind. His advice helped the military to begin a project called Stargate. The military has never stated that there was ever such a project called Stargate, but rumors have it that there was such a project and it was a secretive project.

Remote viewing has become a psychic art that is said to teach anyone with a sensitive side to psychic life. A remote viewer is someone that can close their eyes and visually see situations and events that appear before their eyes. It is known as a secretive way of spying on anyone or anything. Remote viewing was said to be used by the former Soviet Union and other powers of the world.

The best free psychic advice that I can give to you is to not try remote viewing on your own. It requires special skill and training. You never know what can happen during a deep psychic trance. Some people have tried this and witnessed physical pain and exhaustion from going to deeply into the spirit and not knowing how to control their own emotions through the process.

There are several courses that you can take on remote viewing online. One of them is taught by Ringo Swan himself and is said to be one of the best courses online. I admit that a course such as this is pricey. The best free psychic advice that I can give to you is that if you think that a course such as this will help you to spy or to retrieve factual information, then you should indeed study it. Remote viewing is not cut out for everyone. You sort of have to be psychic in order to benefit fully from the course.

I wish that I could say that everyone was a psychic. However, it would be the same as saying that everyone is a doctor or a lawyer. We could all try to achieve anything that we want, but if its not meant to be, then it just will not happen for us. That?s a fact that cannot be ignored. I encourage you to read books on remote viewing before deciding to take a course on it. It will help you to learn more about this unique gift and how you can get better at it.

Remote viewers come from all walks of life and some remote viewers are trained to conduct secret experiments for the government. My free psychic advice to you is to try and better your skills in remote viewing first before you approach any agency for a job. A psychic job is hard to find when you really don?t possess any type of psychic skill. First learn how to focus on your psychic gifts and then the rest will just follow thereafter.

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