It’s Tough To Interpret Tarot Cards

by Charlie Reese

Tarot card interpretation is by no means an easy task. On the other hand, the interpretation of tarot cards is not as difficult as you might first expect, either. If you have a sharp, inquisitive mind, a genuine desire to learn and practice interpretation skills, and a passion for people, tarot card interpretation may be just the thing to do.

The interpretation of tarot cards is not unlike the interpretation of anything else in life. For example, if you belong to a book club, you are already in the habit of conscious interpretation. You interpret the words and behaviors of the characters in the story as you read along, then again when you discuss the book with others. You even interpret the implications of words and behaviors in every day encounters with all sorts of people, whether they are close friends or complete strangers. You may not be conscious of this process of constant interpretations, but it is happening nonetheless.

In the book club example, you may interpret a certain behavior as ill-informed and stupid, but after taking in the comments of others, your perspective changes and you interpret that same behavior as well-calculated bravery. Recognizing the value of others’ interpretations, within boundaries, that is to say, without always conceding to someone else’s interpretation when it differs from your own, is key to tarot card interpretation. The interpretation becomes richer with the input of the person for whom the reading is being done. Any information you gain from the recipient needs to be incorporated into your interpretations.

Throughout the long history of tarot cards, there have been many different interpretations of the symbols. However, general meanings have remained fairly consistent. For example, the Sun card has always represented success and happiness. The art of interpretation lies in the application of such meaning to a particular situation in a person’s life. Say someone who is in the throes of both financial and health problems has the Sun card come up in a reading. You may interpret this to mean that very soon everything will be OK. You may also interpret this same sign, however, to indicate that the person should aim to be grateful, even in the face of such tragedy. You will need to use the input of the person in order to discern which way the cards are meant to be interpreted.

Notice how much you interpret the events in your average day. Notice how analytical you are. Take note, also, of your genuine interest in the affairs of others. If you can see what a major role interpretation has in your life already, you can easily learn to interpret tarot cards. Just add the study aspect to your already existing interpretation skills and you will soon be a master reader.

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