Learning How To Connect With Global Spirituality

Humans have many great abilities that most people are blind to. We are amazing, in that we are spirit beings that have healing abilities that most have forgotten how to use. Technology imprisons most people in this modern society, but there will be an awaking soon. People with come to realize the true potential present within us all though global spirituality.

In order to understand what it really means to be one with the Earth and spirit, people should hear about an experiment that was conducted. There was a group of scientists who were experimenting with monkeys on a secluded island. They wanted to find out more information about their learning behavior. The scientists fed them potatoes covered in sand for food consumption.

This particular breed of monkeys enjoyed eating these potatoes, but did not like consuming the sand at all. Although they still ate the food, they did not know how to solve the issue. A handful of younger monkeys were taught how to remove the vegetables by cleaning them off in a nearby body of water. Most of the surrounding monkeys quickly caught on and began doing this themselves.

This is normal behavior and it was expected that they would learn from each other. The real astounding news was much unexpected however. There was another control group of monkeys on a completely different land mass across the ocean. They were not taught how to clean off their food, but they exhibited the same behavior as the monkeys on the island around the same time.

With this new information, the scientists decided to conduct a similar experiment on the human population. They selected two groups of people and separated them by country. One country involved was the United States and the other was the United Kingdom. Both groups were presented with the same image that possessed images of hidden faces that most people would not be able to identify. Each group found about the same number of faces.

After the test subjects were given as much time as they wanted to decipher the image, the group in the United Kingdom was shown every face through closed circuit television. They were able to learn the locations of all hidden faces and were not in contact with the American test subjects. However, the American test group was somehow able to identify almost all of the faces the next time it was shown to them.

The results of this human experiment confirmed their theory that somehow we are all connected somehow on a telepathic level. Although we do not understand fully how this phenomenon works, we have solid evidence that there is a human consciousness grid that exists. We are all connected to it and tap into the vast knowledgebase of information. We have great potential that we will be able to utilize in the future.

Each species of life on Earth has its own consciousness grid. All humans are connected with each other and the shamans, spirit healers, reiki masters and the like are all in tuned with these higher vibrations. Psychic people do exist, although there are a lot of imitators out there just looking to make quick money. People who love are able to resonate on a higher frequency than those who have hate within themselves. Meditation is the key to becoming attuned with ones higher self and learning to tap into the global spirituality of life on this planet.

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