Love Psychic Readings Using Crystals.

by Malc Baxter

There are many forms of divination when it comes to psychic readings. Tarot and Runes are quite popular. There are also other forms of divination that is rarely used, but will work as well, such as casting stones. Usually the types of stones used in these forms of psychic reading are crystals and gemstones, although there is also Runes.

Not many people use casting stones. With this method of divination the individual will need the use of crystals and various gemstones. There are different ways to use casting stones and individual psychic readers will need to find what suits them best.

A psychic reader will usually cast the crystals and gemstones onto a flat surface to help with the readings, this is usually how casting crystals are used in a psychic reading, these stones can be found in stores that sell crystals, and come with a drawstring bag to store them. The majority of psychics who utilize stones normally hand select them to experience how each stone feels and vibrates. When the stone feels ok, they know it is one of the stones they want in their kit.

Tiny stones are easy to lose so use slightly larger ones instead. There should be one side that is flattened. You will want to choose the stones with their magical associations in mind.

Tiger Eye is a yellow/orange stone and is associated with warmth, light, heat, daylight, clarity, and the Sun. Tiger Eye can also be associated with night, visions, and cats.

Amethyst, as with all purple stones, is usually associated with psychic vision, and spirituality. If you are a beginner you will need to purchase one of the numbers of books available on the subject.

There are a variety of methods for casting crystal stones. A method employed by some psychic readers involves making a cloth on which to throw the stones, with the cloth often decorated with a circle which is itself equally split into four sections.

In psychic readings the four quarters of the circle is represented by a compass direction:

Air – East.
Air has to do with the mind and the color yellow.

Fire Element – South.
Fire is about purification, energy and action and the color red.

Water – West.
Purple and blue stones, emotion and psychic abilities are all associated with the water element.

However, there are lots of different divination methods that can be used to help in psychic readings, and it’s up to the psychic as to choose the ones that work for them.

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